The Ostermeyer Philosophy

Ostermeyer devotes significant time analysing economies and industries to uncover emerging investment themes. Ostermeyer undertakes its own in-house research and utilises quality research and analysis from a variety of providers. Ostermeyer is patient and awaits opportunities to arise- quality companies that are priced attractively will be most likely to provide above average returns.

Professional Advice

We believe that selecting a professional adviser is a relatively simple process providing you take into consideration the following attributes:

  • Deal with a firm that holds no association with any banks or product manufacturers.     
  • Deal with an adviser that has no conflicted remuneration structure.
  • Deal with an adviser that operates on a fee-for-service model.
  • Deal with an adviser who has experience that you can trust.

The Advice Process

The advice process is a structured path for client engagement and essentially involves the following steps: